Saturday, February 03, 2001

$2/3/2001 11:21:47 PM

wow, i have to congratulate the irs, their home page is hilarious.

$2/3/2001 05:42:28 AM

haha... stoopid. my design prof mentioned this game conference was going on at the beginning of the year, and then i totally forgot about it until voodooextreme mentions it. oh well, too late now...

Friday, February 02, 2001

$2/2/2001 05:27:03 PM

i've readjusted my calorie usage / day up 200 calories to bring my calculated weight loss more in line with what the scale says (actually 11lbs since i started counting, but i'm staying a few pounds on the safe side to account for water and muscle mass loss).

i started writing a correction program - one that could let me pick a time period, compare the actual weight measurements to the predicted and allow me to correct for that, i figure... why bother. i have way more important stuff to do.

i've been checking out php cached fasttemplate some more. i want to play around w/ it some, but looks like i need to put those projects off. have 2 papers, organization and prep for my senior show, and working for food going on.

i've been wasting way too much stuff on reading stuff on the web again. umm, that's bad.

$2/2/2001 02:46:25 PM

wow, just noticed the new ads on zdnet. they're huge, in the middle of the article as an inset image. that's one way to try to get advertising to work. also interesting in that they're self contained interactive flash advertisements. very interesting.

Thursday, February 01, 2001

$2/1/2001 08:10:49 PM

so, glassdog has gotten a spiffy facelift, although i have to admit that i sorta liked the old design better.

speaking of design, k10k's celebrating it's hundredth issue, a nice story by josh davis. umm, it's all text but it's in flash anyway. just because.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

$1/31/2001 04:12:22 PM

ishkur has put together a really nifty interactive electronica guide. he has a flash map of genres and subgenres, each with a sound clip and snarky comment. (i like 2-step)

hmm, i'm sure i've linked the electronica primer before, but it's the place to go for history of music genres, as well as a nifty timeline and links. hyperreal's music resources are also good for more digging. miningco, excuse me, about.com has some really good stuff too both at matthew chinn's rave/house/techno section and jennifer warner's dance music section.

$1/31/2001 03:23:16 PM

oh my, a Macintosh Color Classic G4

$1/31/2001 03:03:14 PM

for those living on a tight budget, i definitely have to recommend making tuna tacos. i've been doing it a lot over the past few weeks. it takes less than 10 minutes to make and has very little cleanup. basically, heat up (medium to low) a large nonstick pan, take a can of tuna, and quarter it. then lay down a tortilla, sprinkle cheese one half, and put the tuna on the other side. i also like to put some canned corn and sometimes some dressing. when the cheese starts melting, fold it up, put it to the side and start on the second one. basically, when you finish assembling one flip the previous one over. the great thing is that it tastes great and is relatively healthy, and of course, it is cheap. here's a little breakdown:

4 yummy tuna tacos
item calories cost
4 corn tortillas 260 $0.04-$0.06
1 can of chunk light tuna 150 $0.33-$0.59
1/2 can of corn 140 $0.30
1/4 cup of shredded cheese 100 $0.33
2 tbsp fat free honey dijon 50 $0.20

not bad for a buck and change.

$1/31/2001 03:50:50 AM

this guy tweek has two really nice summary-type sites on western and eastern buddhist thought. pretty neat links.

i was also spending some time looking at some of those javascript password programs. when i get a few hours of free time, i think i'll write a cracker for it (just need to write a basic reverse hash and decrypter i think). anyway, obviously i was procrastinating when i decided to look that up. (actually, i was randomly looking at student homepages for some reason)

Sunday, January 28, 2001

$1/28/2001 08:45:51 PM

i was catching a snippet of the new survivor season, and it looks like they are having the fire problem again. granted, the show producers wouldn't want survivalists on the show (what fun would that be?), but you'd think at least one of the contestants would be prepared to make fire (unless the producers screened against anyone with any useful wilderness skills at all. this is conceivable, among the contestants, i see both a shoe designer and an internet project manager).

in my searches, i also came across a site on poi and fire twirling. wee!

$1/28/2001 06:24:40 PM

hmm, if i get money soon, i might go to sxsw.

$1/28/2001 06:07:18 PM

this nytimes magazine article on the aids crisis and how pharmaceutical manufacturers and us trade officials are leveraging against other countries without considering the health consequences (real peoples' lives!) is stupifying. good lord, how do these people sleep at night?

$1/28/2001 02:16:54 AM

google search: satellite ecm emulation. interesting matches: alt.dss.hack overly asked questions, telecode and tech books, pirate's den ecm reports

pretty interesting stuff.