Friday, May 31, 2002

$5/31/2002 04:25:25 PM

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." - Claire Wolfe, 101 Things To Do Until the Revolution

$5/31/2002 11:08:00 AM

Dan Egnor (sweetcode, gale) not only won the 2002 Google Programming Contest, but also had previously won the First International RoShamBo Programming Competition as well.

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$5/31/2002 10:33:48 AM

With TightVNC installed at home and at work, I can continue to be lazy about logging off from my IM but not miss any messages while I'm in transit. Ahh, the wonders of technology.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

$5/28/2002 05:10:30 PM

A friend sent me a link to Kartoo, a pretty awesome search engine which shows visual connections (all rendered in flash from php apparently). Pretty damn cool.